Meet Children's Author Bertha M. Davis

Adventures of Jay's Friend Kitty Brew is  Bertha's big debut. What began as playmates ended up in close friendship for Jay and his cat.  This book about friendship will make a great bedtime story for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners.  Bertha hope this book will blossomed into a best-selling children's book. Her updated memoir; Growing Up In Mississippi are now available in paperback at We can't wait to see what imaginative yarn she weaves next!

-Excerpt from the book Jay's Friend Kitty Brew-

"What do you want to play?" ask Jay.  Kitty Brew swung his little paws in the air.  "Oh, I know what you want to do!" said Jay.  "You want to play with your colorful ball."  Jay went inside, got the ball from the toy box, and ran back outside.  There were a string attached to the ball that Jay pulled so Kitty Brew would follow him.  They continued to play with the ball.  Suddenly, Jay spotted a green frog.